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Introducing HEROW Live Events

Lucas Brechot

And we are live! The HEROW team has developed a Live Events API (also known as webhooks) which allows clients to access the user intelligence collected by the HEROW SDK right from their servers. The feature is part of the team’s effort to allow marketing teams to augment all of their practices with the addition of user context.

What are the benefits of Live Events?

The Live Events API (webhooks) was designed to allow clients to leverage user context within their current marketing practices, and to do so in a cost-effective and without integration complications:

  • Flexible: The Live Events API allows clients to easily send events and user states from HEROW to their servers. This, in turn, opens up numerous opportunities as to how they can integrate user context within their marketing practices (see below).
  • Free: We included this feature in all of our pricing plans. So you can start exploring user context data starting from our Launch plan (see different plans). 
  • No app update needed: This is a feature that can be implemented without updating the SDK. The information can be collected directly from the client system with the use of the Live Events API.

What User Events can be tracked?

The HEROW Live Events allows clients to access the following user events right from their backend/server:

  • Arrival and departure at key user places - “The user has arrived home”
  • Arrival and departure at Location - “The user has left the gym”
  • User commutes beginning and ending (coming soon) - “The user is beginning his commute to work”

What can it be used for?

Here is a list of the key categories of use cases that can be put in place with the HEROW Live Events: 

1. User Intelligence consolidation

The HEROW Live Events API, allows clients to consolidate the user intelligence collected by the HEROW SDK with user intelligence collected on the client's backend or other tools. 

For example, a retail app might be able to consolidate in its database visits at physical stores (HEROW), the number of purchases made by the user (App backend) and the number of emails the user received and opened (Mailchimp).

2. Real-time monitoring

This API also allows apps to build real-time monitoring of user activity at key locations. 

For example, a business that has physical locations can track in real-time how many users have entered and exited their locations.

3. Adapting content

By sending user events to the client-server, the Live Events API allows clients to customize the type of content displayed to users at a given moment.

For example, a media app can understand that a user has arrived home, and adapt the type of article displayed to the user.

4. Adapting features

Finally, the Live Events API allows clients to trigger specific app features when they recognize multiple users having the same state and in turn suggest a grouped feature.

For example, a ride-sharing app can understand that there is a high concentration of users around a transit hub and suggest a larger mode of transportation.

Try Now!

In a few clicks, and at no cost, you can sign up on the HEROW platform and start sending user events to your backend. Also, feel free to use the chat bubble to ask a member of the team more information about this feature and how user context recognition can improve your business.

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