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Lucas Brechot

Connecthings is now Herow!

Herow – a contraction of Here and Now – was born out of a strong belief: Context Matters. The here and now is what defines the mood, mindset, and motivations of people in today’s increasingly connected and mobile world. Successful organizations know that context is critical, and leverage that knowledge to better connect their users with brands, products, and people.

Herow will continue to build on the expertise in geolocation and contextual engagement we’ve gained over the past 10 years with our smart city customers around the world. Our new name simply reflects our enhanced focus on user context and on helping mobile applications create better experiences for their communities – here and now – and for the long future.

At Herow, we give mobile apps the contextual data and capabilities they need to understand, engage and build long-lasting relationships with their users,all while respecting their needs and wants, and crucially, their privacy.

Our mission remains the same: powering technology that does good.

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