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Announcing Segment Integration - Opening up a world of context opportunities

Lucas Brechot

With HEROW and Segment, you can seamlessly syndicate your location data to any other tool in your marketing stack without additional coding.  Simply enable HEROW as a data source in your Segment Console, and select the Segment destination(s) you want to receive HEROW’s location data.

By adding the context of location data to other marketing tools, mobile apps can bring relevance to their experiences and communications, ultimately increasing user engagement. Whether it is to trigger experiences or communications at specific user moments, to analyze buying behaviors, or for attribution.

I - Adding real world intelligence to digital analytics tools

While companies have plenty of tools to understand the behavior of their users within their app or their website, there are very little tools out there that offers intelligence on customer behaviors in the real-world.

HEROW’s SDK enables background location collection which informs mobile apps of their user’s behavior in the real world. With the Segment integration this real-world intelligence can be coupled with existing digital analytics tools and produces far-reaching possibilities.

Sample use cases:

  • A food delivery app that understands where the app was downloaded to attribute the download to a specific campaign
  • A shopping app that understands where a customer made an in-app purchase
  • A travel app that segment users based on how frequently they travel

II- Adding context-targeting to engagement tools

Marketing tools have become so wide-spread that mobile users are constantly solicited with communication from companies (emails, notifications, sms, ads). In this environment app marketers have the difficult challenge to cut through the noise and engage with their customers not only with great content that sets them apart but also engaging them when the customers are available to digest and act on this content.

Herow integration with Segment allows apps to integrate context within their engagement strategies and in turn target these moments of user availability. Targeting when a user is at a specific place (restaurant, cinema, stadium and so on), at home, at work, or commuting.

Sample use cases

  • A shopping app that engages with users when they are near a store
  • A food delivery app that engages with users when they are coming home from work
  • An entertainment app that engages with users when they are commuting and travelling.

Try Now!

In a few clicks, and at no cost, you can sign up on the Herow platform and start exploring how user context can improve your app. Also feel free to use the chat bubble to ask a member of the team more information about our integrations and how you can leverage user context within your marketing stack.

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