Location data & geofencing

Generate location events, qualify app users and visualize key information
Flexible Data Collection

The SDKI adapts to the location permissions granted your users

Plug & Play

GDPR/CCPA compliant, easy to integrate and SDK available in native or cross-platform


Set your places of interest and start generating events, as simple as that

Versatile Use Cases for
all types of industries

Increase conversions and user satisfaction by acting in real-time on opportunities to convert users at key real life moments.

Retail Chains

Use geofencing to monitor user traffic in your shops & competitors' pre & post engagement campaigns.

  • Geofence visits at physical locations
  • Calculate post-campaigns traffic
  • Analyze traffic at competitors' locations

Mobility & Travel

Improve overall user satisfaction with contexualized & real-time experiences.

  • Location-aware communication
  • Segment traveler types
  • Detect new location patterns


Consolidate location & geofencing data to enrich user profiles.

  • Increased CPMs
  • Detect potential opportunities
  • Build geographic audience

Online Marketplaces

Increase revenue thanks to targeted advertising and geomarketing.

  • Detect users close to substitutes
  • Geographical segmentation
  • Shopping preferences segmentation

Harness the power of
location & geofencing

Understand your users' real-world behaviors.

Use this data to improve your Marketing & Product strategy.

Collect location data

Both when the app is in foreground (open) or background (closed) depending on your app's location permission type.

Generate Geofence Events

Tag specific locations (your stores and competition's for instance) and trigger events anytime someone walk past these.

Qualify users at scale

Group users into specific groups sharing common attributes.

  • Geography: Country, City, Zip Code, IRIS Zones
  • Places of Interest: Brand & store category
  • Home & Office Detection
  • Shopping region

Visualize different types of user data

From foot traffic report to proximity-based push notifications. Create custom dashboard using third-party solutions and harness the power of locations intelligence.

  • Measure post-engagement visits
  • Analyse shopping preferences

Automate Workflows

Integrate HEROW at the heart of your marketing stack & build ever-improving scenarios

  • Qualify & Increase CPM
  • Engagement Triggers
  • Insightful Foot Traffic dashboards
  • Location & Geofencing Segmentation

Marketing Stack Automation

Leverage on location & geofencing data with HEROW to build-in
improved user experience.
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Open-Sourced Technology

100% accessible, period.

from SDK to APIs & Webhooks, come collaborate with us. You are only a few commands away from joining the community!

onCreate() {
       val herowInitializer = HerowInitializer.getInstance(context)
           .configApp(sdkId = "ID", sdkKey = "KEY")

func application(_ application: UIApplication, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions launchOptions: [UIApplication.LaunchOptionsKey: Any]?) -> Bool {
   herowInitializer = HerowInitializer.instance
   herowInitializer?.configPlatform(.prod).configApp(identifier: "ID", sdkKey: "Key").synchronize()
   return true

Plans that grow with your business

Integrate our SDK for free and with no credit card needed. Pay as you scale with a clear ROI.
Per MLU & Places
  • Up to 250k MLU
  • Up to 10k Tracked Places
  • HEROW Place Lirairies
  • Chat support
  • Partner Integrations
Start with Growth
Custom volumes and services
  • Unlimited MLU
  • Unlimited Places Tracked
  • HEROW Place Lirairies
  • Dedicated CSM
  • Partner Integrations
Start with Pro
How long does the integration take?

From initializing the SDK to running tests.

HEROW Geofence & Location Events

What does a standard event payload contains.

How to integrate with partners

How to connect your HEROW account to our technology partners.

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